"Inner peace produced by the ability to make a difference in the lives of others while leveraging one's god-given talents to make a positive mark on their family and community." - Beau Holland

We are the foundation left behind by the man who created it al, Beau Holland. Beau was able to continue the family tradition as the fifth generation to succeed in the furnishings and interior design industry. Although he lost his battle with melanoma in June of 2016, Beau left behind a thriving custom furniture showroom in Atlanta’s Decorative Arts Center.

After its conception in 2008, Beau Studio quickly established itself as a go-to showroom for top tier designs worldwide. With extreme value and quick delivery,  Beau Studio offers unparalleled value on its stunning collection of traditional, transitional, industrial, reclaimed and found objects while launching headfirst into the cutting edge of interior, custom design.

It is with enormous privilege that we continue to grow the foundation by staying true to Beau’s vision and working to keep his passion for custom design alive in the showroom.  As Beau said, happiness is found by making a positive mark on one’s family and community. This is what we intend to do.


We are dog-friendly easy-listeners with a love making people happy – come in and see us!